CULTITRAIL is a trailed seedbed cultivator with a transport width of only 2.50 m. The simple construction is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable cracker board and a 5-row harrow section with spring tines, which provides an exceptional cultivating effect.

A CULTITRAIL is simplicity and productivity combined in one machine.

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Working width
5,00-6,00 m
Transport width
2,50 m
Working depth
3-15 cm
> 100
2.300-2.550 kg

Technical data


Transport width
2,50 m
Transport height
2,90 m
Working width
5,00 m
Number of tines
63 pcs.
Number of cracker board tines
18 pcs.
Number of tines on rear harrow
42 pcs.
Number of goose feet
32 pcs.
2.300 kg


Transport width
2,50 m
Transport height
3,40 m
Working width
6,00 m
Number of tines
77 pcs.
Number of cracker board tines
22 pcs.
Number of tines on rear harrow
50 pcs.
Number of goose feet
39 pcs.
2.500 kg
Dalbo Cultitrail Slide 1

Our CULTITRAIL is an excellent tool for farmers who need a simple, yet efficient, seedbed cultivator

The frame is designed without compromising the distribution of the harrow tines. A CULTITRAIL, therefore, has a perfect tine configuration with at least 400 mm to the nearest tine.

This design ensures a fantastic flow of soil and plant residues with minimal risk of blockages. A CULTITRAIL can be equipped with various options to suit each customers individual needs.

A CULTITRAIL will help you to produce optimal seedbeds, regardless of the combination of options you choose.

Standard equipment

CULTITRAIL standard equipment

  • Fully hydraulic folding and unfolding of sections. Switching from
    driving on roads to field operation without leaving the tractor.

  • LED lighting.

  • 5 rows consisting of 45 x 10 mm tines with inter row spacing of 440 mm.

  • Standard tine spacing of 80 mm or 160 mm when fitted with goose-foot point.

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cracker board.

  • Strong frames made of quality steel.


Cracker board

CULTITRAIL is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable cracker board. The board consists of sturdy 80 mm spring tines and is fitted with 200 x 12 mm angled wearing points.

This makes it ideal for crushing clods and levelling the soil, thereby leaving the soil loose and even. In order to achieve optimal working conditions for, and thereby the effect of, the cracker board, we recommend a working speed of 8-12 kph.

Dalbo Cultitrail Havresektion

Harrow section

The harrow section on the CULTITRAIL consists of 5 rows fitted with sturdy S-spring tines as standard.

Tine spacing is 80 mm which is evenly distributed over the working width and spacing between the rows is 440 mm.

This ensures optimal cultivation and mixing of soil, as well as providing an easy passage for soil and plant residues through the cultivator.

Dalbo Cultitrail Gaasefodatand

Goosefoot point

CULTITRAIL can also be fitted with a sturdy double spring tine fitted with a goosefoot point.

This configuration is good for cultivating stubble or previously cultivated soil.

The tine spacing in this setup is 160 mm, which ensures a good passage for soil and plant residues through the cultivator.

Accesories and extra equipment 

  • 1-row harrow with 12 mm harrow tines, rear

  • Straight tines, 45 x 10 mm

  • Track eradicator

  • Cage roller/packer Ø400 mm, rear

  • Rear leveling board

  • Rear steel Crosskill roller

  • Flat bar roller/packer Ø400 mm, rear