January 2024

New importers in both north and south




New importers in both north and south
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In Sweden, we have just signed an agreement with Swedish Agro Machinery, whose distribution network covers the whole of Sweden. DALBO is already a well-known name in Sweden, where the roller program has been in particular demand. With Swedish Agro on board, it is also expected that the cultivator program will get more attention, as DALBO's cultivator program is a perfect match for Swedish Agro's sowing machines.

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As far away as Australia, we have also got a new importer. Techgrow will be our importer in Australia from now on. They have had a particular focus on being able to offer the POWERCHAIN chain harrow and rollers to their network. They have visited the factory in Bindeballe several times and have now received the first shipment of machines. In the coming time, Techgrow will be active at exhibitions around Australia, where Techgrow will introduce DALBO. The first is the Wimmera Machinery Field days which take place from the 5th to the 7th of March.

We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with both importers.

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