DALBO A/S is specializing in manufacturing implements for tillage and has over 75 years of experience

We develop and produce a fairly large range of implements for soil preparation, such as rollers, stubble cultivators, packers, and seedbed harrows.In other words, tillage implements of all kinds, except for ploughs.

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The machine factory DALBO A/S was founded in 1948 by Henry Pedersen

In the fifties the company specialized in manufacturing tractor trailers, but they realized very soon that they had to expand.

That is when DALBO started manufacturing rollers for agriculture, where the possibilities for mass production was reasonable. This decision turned out to be right, as rollers have since been the main cause for development at DALBO.

Today DALBO is among Europe's 3 leading providers of rollers for the modern farmer/machine station.


In the middle of the sixties the company was taken over by Kaj Pedersen the son of the founder

Demand continued to develop favorably, and the products were distributed to an increasing number of wholesalers and retailers.

During the 1970s, following inspiration from Germany, DALBO developed an extensive range of soil packers for towing after the plough.

This product group has been continuously developed, so today DALBO produces a wide range of front packers.


DALBO was one of the first participants at the Agromek exhibition held at Herning for the first time in 1974

Throughout the seventies and eighties, this exhibition assisted DALBO in establishing contacts with a large number of distributors and agriculturists from potential new export markets.

Increasing export sales (mainly from Europe), has provided DALBO with useful information whilst developing products to meet demand as a result of changes in farming practices.

In 1990 DALBO made the decision (influenced by France), to introduce a new machine to its product line, the stubble cultivator.

Over the past 13 years DALBO has succeeded in becoming an international supplier of cultivators, rollers, stubble harrows and disc harrows.


The rapid development in minimum soil preparation over recent years has had a profound influence on product development for DALBO

The implementation of sowing technology has been a natural extension of its product line and explains why DALBO is now able to offer a number of its most popular implements for soil preparation with integrated seed drill technology.

In 2002 DALBO was presented with the Agromek award for their work in designing products with “a high degree of flexibility and low cost of the wearing parts”.

In the pleasant, rural surroundings of Bindeballe, DALBO employs around 90 people.

The company is an important provider of employment in the neighbourhood. Reliability and flexibility are the keywords at DALBO. The main objective is to deliver reliable goods that we can be proud of and delight our customers.

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Approximately 15 per cent of machines are sold in Denmark, 85 per cent exported.

It is our intention to continuously develop the product line, so it will meet our customer’s demands.

This will enable DALBO to remain a strong player in the future. We also want to increase our activity in the export markets.

At present, DALBO concentrates some of its attention on the growing markets of Eastern Europe, and other interesting countries.