MAXICUT 150-920

New perspectives on the processing of stubble and plant residues, an increased need for large capacity at low cost and the possibility of setting a high stubble have led to the development of our innovative MAXICUT roller.

DALBO was the first in the European market with this type of machine and continues to be a leader in both quality and working widths. It helps you crush any stubble or subsequent crop quickly and efficiently, significantly improving productivity and yields.

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Working width
6,00-9,20 m
Transport width
2,55-3,00 m
82 cm
> 150
4.300-9.800 kg


Technical data


Working width
5,80 m
Weight/with water
4.300 kg/6.100 kg
Number of knives
90 pcs.
Min. power requirements
150 HP
Transport width
2,55 m


Working width
9,20 m
Weight/with water
9.800 kg
Number of knives
165 pcs.
Min. power requirements
330 HP
Transport width
3,00 m
Dalbo Maxicut

MAXICUT is a fast and very effective tool for destroying
subsequent crops and cutting thick stubble from crops such as maize, rapeseed, grain, vegetables, sunflowers, tobacco, cotton, etc.

Plant residues and stubble are cut into 15 cm lengths, crushed and pressed into the ground, which accelerates the activation of microorganisms and the degradation of plant residues.

MAXICUT is especially good in the fight against the corn borer beetle that lives in corn stubble. By crushing the stubble, which is the beetle’s natural habitat, its chances of survival are greatly reduced.

No other roller, harrow or pto-powered implement is as efficient as MAXICUT for this purpose.

MAXICUT is most effective at speeds between 15 and 20 km/h. At this speed, a MAXICUT can reach a capacity of up to 15 hectares/hour and thus far surpasses mower-type implements, which only work above ground and thus do not ensure the same degree of mulching.

In summary, a MAXICUT is a combination of innovation, efficiency and productivity in one machine.

Standard equipment

MAXICUT standard equipment

  • Fully hydraulic folding and unfolding of sections on 920. Switching from driving on roads to field operation without
    leaving the tractor.
  • Heavy-duty double-sealed and lubricated tapered conic bearings
    from established manufacturers mean long life and easy
    maintenance. All trailed MAXICUT rollers are fitted as standard with a patented suspension system. It ensures long life and stability for the entire roller.
  • LED lighting.
  • 70 mm shafts made of high-tensile steel of 920.
  • Strong frames made of quality steel and high-tensile steel
  • Specially hardened knives 100 x 8 mm.
  • Hydraulic weight distribution ensures an evenly distributed
    ground pressure over the entire working width, regardless of the
    contours of the ground of 920.
  • Automatic transport security for optimal safety during
    transport of 920.
Dalbo Maxicut Tromlesektion

Roller section

The heart of the MAXICUT roller is the thoroughly tested steel roller of Ø610 mm and with a wall thickness of 7 mm.

To increase the overall weight and efficiency, the rollers can be filled with water, and the weight can thereby be increased up to 1,000 kg/m on the 300-600 models.

MAXICUT 920 has a standard weight of 1,110 kg per working metre and therefore can not be filled with water. Mounted with 100 mm knives made of 8 mm specially hardened steel, the roller has an effective outside diameter of 820 mm.

The large diameter of the roller ensures stable motion and high efficiency. For maximum durability despite the high operating speeds, the steel rollers are mounted on powerful 70 mm shafts.

Dalbo Maxicut Tallerkensektion

Disc section

It is possible to mount a corrugated disc section on our MAXICUT 920 in front of the knife roller.

This helps to improve stubble removal, as the stubble is first cut in the direction of travel and subsequently across it.

This ensures that all stubble is cut into pieces so that no whole stems are left.

Dalbo Maxicut Saaudstyr

Sowing equipment

If you are looking for an ideal solution for sowing cover crops and the like, our sowing equipment will help you save precious time and increase efficiency.

It is especially suitable for use with the harrow tool.

On the 6 m model, it is possible to fit 2 rows of 12 mm harrows tines, which is mounted behind the MAXICUT.

Accessories and extra equipment

  • Air brakes on MAXICUT 600 and 920
  • Hydraulic brakes on MAXICUT 600
  • DALBO seeder for MAXICUT 600 and 920
  • Various drawbars and couplings
  • Harrow for MAXICUT 600