Irrespective of the type of seedbed cultivator used, some fundamental elements must be present in order to achieve good crop establishment.

Apart from moisture, all other elements are under the farmer’s control, and a well-established seedbed is
a must for all crops. DALBO’s quality seedbed harrows can be adapted to all soil types.

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Benefit of a well-established seedbed

The same basic conditions for all seed types and even germination are necessary in order to achieve a good yield.

This is namely a well-established seedbed that maintains a constant depth and takes the seed to be sown into account. The larger the seed size, the deeper the seedbed should be.

Uneven seedbeds result in different sowing depths and uneven germination. A poorly established seedbed with uneven germination could also increase the need for using pesticides or mechanical cleaning, as weeds will have better conditions to thrive among the small or poorly established crops.

The well-established seedbed consists of a consolidated base at a constant depth with loose, porous soil without large clods on top.

This will ensure the seed’s access to water and nutrients from the firm base where the water can be drawn up, while the loose soil at the top will make it easy for the seed to germinate and break through.

A loose soil without clods will, at the same time, dislodge habitats for snails and other pests that thrive in cloddy soil, in which they have many opportunities to hide and reproduce.

The ideal seedbed can be achieved by using any one of DALBO’s cultivators and can be adapted to the individual farmer’s needs, as our seedbed cultivators are constructed using strong frames and harrow tines, which ensure extremely stable harrowing and even depth in the seedbed.

The cultivators have also been constructed using various levelling and packing options to ensure the optimal seedbed.

A strong selection of cultivators

We offer a total of four different categories of seedbed cultivators.
  • CULTILIFT is a mounted cultivator available in working widths
    from 3.00 to 8.00 m.
  • CULTITRAIL is is a trailed cultivator available in working widths
    of 5.00 and 6.00 m.
  • CULTIMAX is a 3 part heavy duty trailed cultivator in the working
    widths from 5.50 to 10.00 m.
  • ROLLOMAXIMUM is a high precision seedbed cultivator available
    in working widths from 6.20 to 12.40 m.

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