The rolling of grassland is nothing new, as farmers have recognized the benefits of a flat grassland for centuries.

Where rolling has in the past been done with a conventional, heavy roller with a smooth surface, more and more farmers are seeing the benefits of more sophisticated and thorough methods of improved grass rolling.

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Increased yield

Grass rollers are primarily targeted at milk producers and help increase the yield of their grasslands in quantity as well as quality. These factors lead to major productivity benefits throughout the value chain.

By rolling grassland, you get a significantly lower percentage of stone and loose soil in the silage. This means that feed quality increases, which is a primary factor in relation to increasing milk production. This means that the cows become healthier and the milk quality higher.

When grassland is well cared for by levelling, and compacting, it will help increase the overall crop growth.

It also allows for a lower cutting height, which increases the amount
harvested. Mowing grass blades below 8-9 cm will also stimulate regrowth, which increases harvest yield by up to 5-15%.

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Rolling of grass reduces costs

It is easier to harvest grassland with even soil, and it is much cheaper to roll grassland than it is to maintain and repair silage or green harvesters damaged by soil and stones.

By reducing the amount of stones, molehills and loose soil on the surface, you can cut the grass low enough for optimal yield and growth and with a significantly reduced risk of damage to the harvester.

By cutting the grass low, it also becomes much faster and easier to gather and press hay. A well-maintained grass field will also ensure longer life of the entire field.

Most of our customers who use MAXIROLL GREENLINE often find that their grassland remains fertile for more than twice as long as before they started rolling the grassland.

Grass roller variantsĀ 

We offer three different categories of grass rollers.

  • MAXIROLL GREENLINE 300 - a lift-suspended roller available in a 300 m version.
  • MAXIROLL GREENLINE 3-section - a trailed grass roller available from 6.30 to 8.30 m.
  • MINIMAX GREENLINE 630-830 - a trailed grass roller available from 6.30 to 8.30 m.
  • COMBIFLEX - a mounted roller for simple tasks available from 1.50-4.00 m.

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Thomas Atkin
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